The prolific author of over 134 erotic novels and short stories. Born in West london and lived most of his life in the UK but now lives on the Costa Del Crime in Spain. A staunch Englishman that always celebrates the day of the English – St.George’s Day, where ever he might be in the world. Writes BDSM erotica in a descriptive and explicit way to bring the varied scenarios and situations to life – situations that the reader can relate to in his or her daily life. Hates music and lives in a world totally free of it, loves black stockings (on women) is an ex-soldier, ex-London fireman, holds black belts in five different martial arts but now leads a more sedate life and prefers to relax and chill rather than pump the muscles.

Likes: a full English breakfast, strong tea, pretty young women, reading and walking.

Other writing: Hundreds of short stories for women’s magazines, factual articles on various subjects. A newspaper column under a pen-name and various other commissioned pieces of work. A crime-thiller novel of 96,000 words titled “Payback Time.”

As an author and writer Jay positively encourages feedback and comments, aiming always to improve and to aim at what his readership want. If you wish to make a comment, either mail Jay on or post on his blog